Friday, May 6, 2011

How I Got Here

Awhile ago I decided to make cross stitch patterns for myself. Then I created a website called Purple Cow Patterns to offer custom patterns for sale. Shortly after, I opened my first Etsy store: which had patterns I had designed.

Well, I really liked my website, and I had a lot of fun making it. But, once I was finished I was bored. I realized I didn't really want a website, I wanted a blog. I wanted to be able to change it and add to it as I pleased. I wanted to talk about cross stitch patterns, but I also wanted to be able to talk about a thousand other things that had nothing to do with cross stitching. But, most importantly I wanted to talk to people, and hopefully have them talk back to me.

So, I decided to start fresh. I ditched the website and decided to start this blog instead. I debated whether to keep the name Purple Cow Patterns, but decided it just didn't incorporate everything I wanted this blog to be. Hence the name Averly Gets Creative. I am not Averly, my name is Stacey. Averly is a combination of my kid's names; Ava and Riley (and I just think it's pretty).

Ava + Riley = Averly

I also closed up my old Etsy shop and renamed it Averly Patterns, (it can be found here: It has all of the patterns from before (plus new ones when I get the chance) but also offers custom patterns too.

And that's how I got to this point. I'll definitely be posting about cross stitching, but I'm very excited to be able to talk about my family and our daily life, as well as all the other arty and crafty stuff I love like photography, painting, papercutting, scrapbooking, and jewelry design.

I've very excited to be starting this new blogging adventure. I have a ton of ideas and am eager to explore many of them, and hope you'll come along for the fun.

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