Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Bunting Banner D.I.Y

Last weekend we had Riley's family party for his birthday (because one party wasn't enough?!). I've been loving all of the adorable bunting banners that are pretty dang popular right now and decided to give one a try. There's about a thousand different ways to make these; this was super easy, and I think it came out really cute!

What You'll Need:
 - Felt
 - Yarn
 - Embroidery Floss
 - Needle
 - Scissors

I can't believe I've never really used felt much before, it's so inexpensive and easy to use. I'm definitely going to use in more projects in the future.

For this I found these 8.5 x 11 sheets at Walmart for $.20 each. The first thing you need to do is cut them into triangles, I got two triangles per sheet. I cut a total of 30 triangles to make it double-sided.

Then you cut out your letters.

Stitch your letters onto your flags and then stitch the back on.

String some yarn through (it's a lot easier to use a safety pin to guide it through then a needle - my brilliant hubby recommended that when I kept getting the needle caught!) and then it's ready to hang. What's great is you can slide the flags back and forth on the yarn so it stays completely adjustable.

As soon as Riley told me he wanted his party colors to be red, white, and black - the same as his bedroom - I knew I wanted to make this double-sided so after the party was over he could hang the side with his name on in his room!

These buntings are so cute and easy to make, I think I'm going to do another one for above Ava's crib. Leave me a link if you decided to give it a try!

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