Friday, February 10, 2012

House Tour - Ava's Room

Now that the house is finally done (is any house really ever done?) I'm excited to show it off to all of you! Ava's room is definitely one of my favorites; it's bright and cheery, and I just smile every time I walk in there. I think I had the most fun doing this room, mainly because it was the first time I got to do a little girl's room. Up until now Ava has always shared a room with us, so it was fun to do something different.

The focal point of this room (and what was the most time-consuming) is definitely the walls. I originally had it as just pink and cream, but I actually thought it was too girly and just lacking something, so I added the blue and green. I'm so glad I did because I love how it turned out!

I made these paintings when we were still living in the townhouse, and I reused some of Ava's birthday party decorations in her room.

 I found these cute vintage illustrations years ago and never knew where to put them, now I do!

My sister-in-law, Anne made this adorable barrette holder (and most of the barrettes too!) for Ava's birthday.

I love this rug from Target. It is so soft, and it's pretty darn adorable when I walk in to find Ava and Riley laying down on it reading books.

I like having a lot of Ava's toys out where she can easily get to them herself. This Ikea shelf is perfect because it's short enough that she can reach the stuff on top, and the cubes are great for hiding the smaller, messier toys. I also really like the totes because they make it easy to rotate her toys. She usually only plays with what she can see, so every once in awhile when it seems like she's getting bored with what's out, I put those toys in the totes and pull out other ones, and it's like she's got all new toys again!

So, there's Ava's room. I still want to make some drapes, and I'd love to find more cute little vintage treasures, but I'm really happy with it so far.

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