Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Days of Lists

I am a compulsive list maker. I can guarantee that on any given day if you were to look in my pockets or purse you will find some kind of list. Shopping lists, to-do lists, books I want to get at the library lists, ideas for the shop or blog lists, etc. I'm not horribly organized with my lists, and I often forget to put everything I need on the list, but I still make them almost everyday.

So, when I found out about the 30 Days of Lists, it sounded like it was created just for me! The idea behind 30 Days of Lists is that while you might not have time everyday to journal or scrapbook, everyone can take a few minutes to make a list. Each day you're given a new prompt, you make your list and then at the end of the month you have a little snapshot of your life right now.

It's a collaboration between Amy of Lemon and Raspberry, and Justine of A New Beginning, and Kam of Campfire Chic. And I'm pretty much in love with it. Beyond just the lists, there is a private blog and forum with a bunch of tutorials and other cool stuff. If you're interested in participating you can find out more info here.

A lot of people put up pics of their lists on the Flickr page. I haven't gotten around to putting mine up yet, but I wanted to share a few with you here.

List #4: Things to do on a Sunday Morning
- Snuggle and watch Harry Potter marathons
- Sleep
- Read the paper (or at least look at the ads)
- Go to the too-rare Sunday garage sales
- Make/Eat a big ol' breakfast
- Read

List #7: I'm Not Very Good at...
- Time management
- Taking a compliment
- Taking a break (although sometimes I'm a little too good at this!)
- Believing in myself
- Getting books back to the library on time

List #8 : Things That Remind me of my Childhood
- Ice cream trucks
- Barbies
- New Kids on the Block
- Cabbage Patch dolls
- Swimming at the pit
- Babysitter's Club books
- Pound Puppies

Well, there's a few of them; I show you some more soon. Are you a list-maker?

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