Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did You Get Your Halloween On?

I can't believe Halloween is already over! Did you have a good one?

Apparently painting and carving pumpkins is serious business that takes a lot of concentration.

A certain little munchkin refused to sit down so we could get a nice picture of the kids with the pumpkins.

I still have no idea who is Riley is, someone from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I guess. And Miss Ava was going to be a puppy until we stopped at the store to get Riley's costume and she saw Elmo up on the wall. She didn't seem to care that Elmo only came in size 12-18 months, she was going to be "Mo" and that was that. Oh well, they still look pretty darn cute!

Did you go trick-or-treating this year, or hand out candy, or just hide in your home with the lights turned off?

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